NumbersUSA is a sham, Romney must be hurting from South Carolina

How’s South Carolina going Romney?

Based on the last debate, must not be going so well.
I, for one, am glad, considering that you accept the endorsement of radical anti-immigrant factions and you borrow language from dubious sources like NumbersUSA.

When Gingrich is done stomping on you, many people displeased with their current economic situations and displeased with coorporate elites from abroad and at home who’ve made their lives worse and their job prospects worse, elites from DC, and elites from New York that left them jobless and struggling will celebrate. It’s not that you can’t win, seeing as how you passed government-run healthcare in Massachusetts successfully but turned government-dominated Massachusetts into a state with low population growth because many people leave (like an island of socialism in the US). It’s that you can’t win as President, not even a Primary. Not even a straw poll. Not even South Carolina. Reminder needed so soon after McCain 2008? Gingrich for Republicans 2012, or if you get lucky, the disgruntled electorate will just have to wait until the general election for Obama 2012.

The Hispanic vote may yet speak in Florida through the Cubans. Then the Republicans may realize they ought not to lead with their coorporate foot in this election. If you do, good luck with that, but angry voters, defensive Latinos, anti-Oromnicare, and pro-growth capitalists are not few and far between.    For years our jobs have been at the mercy of the wrong individuals in corporations and in government, not in the hands of the poor or in the hands of immigrants, or in the hands of poor immigrants.

I think there is one theme in the 2008 election of Obama and in the 2012 rejection of Romney:  we want to work again, and a place to live would be nice too.  A corporate executive is probably not gonna win this year.  On the other hand even a former Speaker of the house needs a consulting job sometimes.

I can’t speak for the speaker, but I know that We the People are not voting for Mitt. Jobs are the reason why.


About jesseblogs

I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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