Romney uses weapons of the left to attack Newt

Romney, boardroom brat son of a CEO who did more for the American car industry than Romney ever did, has picked up the weapons of the left. Freddie Mac, a quasi-governmental agency became to Romney a workplace to demonize because of the credit crisis. Romney can be a Bain CEO but Newt can’t be a consultant?

This is ironic considering that he accused Newt Gingrich of using weapons of the left, while in the same debate he used weapons of the left.   He has surely been well-groomed as to how to use his weapons and which ones he can get away with, including a little dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Romney is using his money and influence to buy the Republican presidential primary, and in fact it seems that many Republican party leaders have already been influenced (talk about influence peddling) to tilt the primary in his favor.

The race for the Republican Presidential Primary would be over if the vote did not rely on a lot of people who may get tired of Romney’s ad-campaigns by the next debate.  He’s already pushed for his crows to swamp the debates for CNN to not be out-cheered by Newt’s crows.  Perhaps he can indeed organize himself into a better appearance and better poll numbers.  Perhaps he can buy influence and buy pricey strategists and campaigners.  But will he win?

Hopefully not, as it is not his father running.  Now his father seems to have done more by turning around an auto company as CEO than the boardroom-brat son ever did by leeching the Ampad plant into bankruptcy.

And he wants to be President?

No thanks, you took our jobs.


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I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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