Garcetti should discuss local LA pride, security policy

After the Boston tragedy, the suffering we’ve all been reading about has affected not only the conversation, but the safety concerns that we all think about even more for our families, our communities, and ourselves.

And yet we defy the real terrorists with every step of normal life.

Here I return to blogging about the campaigns with due considerations in mind.


Greuel had a campaign commercial about Sandy Hook incidences that was put out just before the Boston tragedy.  I am not sure if they will continue to play it as it was made, as it was made ahead of the tragedy.  It starts promising and ends on an odd little statement about needing a mayor that cares about the safety of ALL of L.A., and that represents ALL of L.A.  I’m not sure what contrast she may be referring.  

Is that ad referring to Garcetti’s 20 point advantage with Latinos?  It couldn’t be because she has a 20 point advantage with the African-American vote.  Could it be about regionalism?  Some other oblique reference to division such as labor and business? My guess is it’s left unclear to both play against the Latino support enjoyed by Garcetti through divisive tactics and to leave an excuse to refer to her standard defense of her support from various interest groups.  Either way, a few ideas come to mind of possible responses the Garcetti campaign could possibly take this.

Example, city pride and security discussed in one:

Garcetti with various communities in LA, 

voice over by Eric of having been “born in LA,

having grown up in LA,

being endorsed by angelinos, including the top competitors for Mayor of LA…”

I’m not sure if either candidate will reiterate previous expressions about the tragedy in Boston, but from Obama to Greuel and Garcetti it has borne repeating the discussion about how it unites all of us across party lines.   In the end Garcetti has a chance to describe his desire to make L.A. safer, such as through technology and training measures or whatever else may be recommended by experts. 

I note that as public figures, Garcetti, Greuel, and even Villaraigosa have made appropriate expressions of support and solidarity with Boston which we all share.

There is a need to discuss if and how such themes would be discussed in any campaign ad most appropriately, given that there are valid campaign issues to discuss that relate to the situation and to the security of Los Angeles.  Keeping L.A. safe may be affected by putting the money of L.A. to work in the most effective way, not nescessarily through sloganeering about a certain number of new hires in the LAPD.  It may be better spent through additional surveillence and security techniques at major events, perhaps. 

However, it may be decided that an LA pride and LA endorsements discussion that demonstrates leadership and sensitivity to the serious subject matter may be split or kept in a more limited ad. If the campaigns feel that it is right, it is a topic that I would want to hear about (tactfully and tastefully). 



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