Ad ideas in last two weeks of LA mayoral race

Garcetti to discuss the cleaning up that needs to be done after greuel’s multi-million dollar dirty ads support from the DWP-led super PAC: he’ll be ready to cleanup unemployment, city liabilities, and restore growth by managing the city budget without going bankrupt. (If there is enough ad time: To do this, has sexured the endorsement of a large majority of the city council, and my biggest opponents prior to the final run-off will vouch for the respect they have for my candidacy.)

Could come before or after: Voiceover narrator to discuss greuel criticizing her fellow councilmember for a personal bankruptcy not related to a professional career and now her own campaign is bankrupt and needs to be bailed out by the DWP… AGAIN. Vote for competence, responsibility, and a brighter futue for you and your family.


Different idea dor spanish language ad:

Surrounded by many angelenos from all walks of life, starts tking to them in Spanish directly even though viewer would not nescessariament have assumed abilidad de hablar de algunos como el primero que habla, responden en perfecto espanol de donde son sus padres o abuelos or raizes y mencionan estados, otra tambien platica y tiene familia del mismo estado de Garcetti, otro es de un pais de centro america, otro de otro pais de centro america. Le dicen a la camera porque apoyan a garcwtti, como por su apoya por la comunidadde imigrantes y la oficina para imigrantes que el propuso, otro por su apoyo porsu sindical laboral, otro porque va a traer trabajos a su ciudad, otro porque el va ganando con el apopo de los ciudadanos y no sololos grupos de interes quienes lo atacan, otro por el apoyo sindical de su papa, otro por ser otro buen ejemplo para la ciudad que juntos si se puede. Fotos o cuadros compilados y camara se aleja para revelar mucha gente que lo apoya y voz dice que juntos jamas seremos vencidos.

Option: could mention that d some of the latino politicians who first didnt support obama or him when he helped obama Now support obama as we part of the same family supporting different candidates (villaraigoza cousin questioning his latino heritage comes to mind, which he later acknowledged… also pleite first attacked him and presented himseld as more in touch with poor hispanics now enorses him as unity will make strength he could join in) but we will come together in the end to support LA, and he is proud to maintain the support of most latino voters and new latino political endorsements so frequent now that we are coming together to make a voice for inclusion be heard with one voice. Couldmention opponent is out of money because she spent a lot of it attacking at his strong support from the latino and minority communities that support him in mailers and through lies and deception.
Nosotros seguimos siempre con Garcetti, por eso sera el siguiente latino democrata ser alcalde.

Or: Greuel spent millions of dollars attacking Garcetti like she attacked other candidates before the runoff, 10 points back she panicked and bankrupted her campaign with weeks to go. Now she wants another DWP bailout and hundreds if thousands of dollars are coming from the DWP led superpack to run more attack ads against Garcetti. Her record breaking funding for attack ads aims to minimize your votes and contributions for garcetti. She is even getting money from the DWP DC headquarters. Don’t let anyone buy our democracy. Your vote matters.

Spanish version option focus on super pac special interest versus grassroots voters from east LA to west LA and north LA to south LA, big money groups funding greuel’s many nasty aattack ads vs the people of LA and their independent thinking and analysis. If she runs through all their money on attack ads again, be prepared and come to vote On May 21st. Su voto es su voz.

Does the Farcetti campaign do enough outreach to asian american and indian communities, such as asian alnfuage tv or translators at phonebanks. Con trast: while greuel attacks public schools, garcetti encourages involvement in schools between parents and teaches and parents and their kids about reaching a high level of succes that their family can be proud of.


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I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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