LA Mayor 2013: Greuel weakens all of our reputations

Kepp LA strong,do we want our neaxt leader of LA (or of local democrats) to be someone who can’t keep her campaign from going bankrupt so early? There are a lot of responsible democrats (like the clintons and obama) and angelenos (like the city council members and many business and labor leaders) who are not letting their respective organizations go bankrupt even in this tough economy of layoffs and furloughs. We need a leader who can lead LA into prosperity, not bankruptcy and worsening credit ratings for the city. We need a leader who will face a crisis with responsible spending and not panic spending. We can see the way they manage the money of a larger entity by the way they run their campaigs, and we know one candidate had a lot more to work with and burned through it to temporary close a ten point gap. We need a proven leader like Garcetti who has gathered the respect of city councilmembers and that includes Greuel who voted for him to lead the council she was a part of. That was Greuel’s vote for city councel leadership by the man her campaign called Prince Eric and this is my vote. I hope it is the reader’s vote too.


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I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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