Racist attacks against Garcetti’s grandparents (updated)

I don’t know why Huizar and Serrano are attacking Garcetti’s grandparents from Mexico again, it is not like Huizar or Serrano are anyone’s official gatekeepers for Latino identity given the way they lied about Garcetti’s grandmother and pretended she immigrated to Mexico like his grandfather. They also have a racist attack about their supposed lack of “Mexican blood” even though his grandmother is Mexican from Mexico and his grandfather as an immigrant face the effects of the Mexican Revolution most keenly. What gives Huizar and Serrano the right to attack these grandparents as not Mexican?

Que la gente de Wendy deje en paz a los abuelos de Garcetti ya!

They seem to think they can do whatever they wNt and the chairman of the democratic party of California won’t ever call them out on it. Call on the Chairman to finally even out his past participation when he defended Wendy from Jan Perry and more recenty from a superpac as well, we know his defense of Garcetti will be just as fair, but this attack against Garcetti’s gra dparents will not help the party and I for one find this to surpass all of Wendy’s prior attacks.

Pidanle al partido Democrata de California que no le dejen a la gente de Wendy que ataque a los abuelos de Garcetti.

I am I spired by these Greuel operatives to support Garcetti by volunteering despite the risk that their dirtiest of tactics will stop at nothing to slander Garcetti, even his Mexican grandparents.

As I have said before, during the start of the Wilson era, lies were used against the Hispanic community as was racism. It is time to clean that up and I am so upset that I hope the sell-out in our community to the rich and powerful backing Greuel will back down. The chamber of commerce and the the rich. DWP union are amongst those with the big dollar reach funding Greuel, and I believe certain Latinos are so I. Their pockets that they may as well proclaim themselves now as the irresponsible attackdog sellouts to the power rokers of downtown LA that they are… or at least retract their attack against Garcetti’s grandparents. Shame shame shame Huizar and Serrano. Shame shame shame.

Y para los que hablan español espero que la gente de Greuel admited que estan vendidos a los ricos y poderosos de Los Angeles (algo que Serrano acuso a Garcetti) o que por lo menos paren de atacar a los abuelos de Garcetti. Hasta mintieron diciendo que no nacieron de Mexico o que su abuela Lupita era inmigrante de Italia cuando en realidad ella no lo era, solo el abuelo tenia raizes de Italia y el nacio en Mexico y sufrio en la Revolucion Mexicana. Los quienes no tienen verguenza son los de Wendy: Huizar y Serrano. Yo voy a ayudar a la campaña de Gacetti y esperon que otros tambien sean inspirados a hafer lo mismo… aunque la gente de Wendy no tenga temor de los jefes democratas ni sean responsables.

Update: Congratulations to the City of Los Angeles and to the California Democratic party for Villaraigoza’s recent condemnation of the recent intensity of the Super-Pac attack ads, including the ad ceiticizing Garcetti’s grandparents as not Mexican enough on the basis of their “blood” or in other words genetic make-up or race regardless of where they were born or lived. Who chooses not their own identity but eather allows their political opposition to choose it for them?


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I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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