Hansel and Greuel, and the LA Mayor’s Race

It would be a long and windy path in the race for the mayor’s office, and there would be a lot of pitches to make at every twist and turn, along with battles to fight and fences to bend and mend. Greuel had a lot of bread to help her keep from getting lost.

Greuel promised the LA chamber of commerce that she would not back down on pension reform.

Greuel promised labor that she would reopen talks on pension reform and that she would stand up for labor rather than stand up to labor.

Greuel promised $15 an hour minimum wage to a union and promised the chamber of commerce that it would be just for hotel workers. She clarified to reporters that she doesn’t know who was behind canvassing and mailers to the Hispanic Community that promised $15 minimum wage but that she would only support that at certain hotels based on number of rooms. She did not demand that those mailers be stopped that confused voters. The pro-Greuel Union behind it clarified that they believe that its mailers and roving buses promising $15 did not say that it was for everyone and that the press was nitpicking.

Greuel clarified that she had not yet seen the ad attacking Garcetti’s grandparents as not Latin enough. She called for anything that is not true to stop.

Greuel and her backers put out ads attacking Garcetti for a stock he owned and a leade he held based on the idea that digital billboard companies are bad and are somehow his fault and that oil companies dump toxic chemicals near children and that it is somehow tied to him.

    Greuel websites have attacked Garcetti as Prince Eric and her surrogates have portrayed him surrounded by the fires of hell.

    Greuel has boasted of her private sector experience at a business but did not consider the Prince attack to be hypocritical despite the fact that one of those businesses was owned by her parents. Owner’s daughter has private sector experience and attacks opponent as a Prince.

    She read Spanish at a Spanish language debate and said she doean’t speak it as well as she should. She told a Jewish group that she has been planning to convert to Judaism. She joined the standard network of leaders from african american churches in a group prayer. She joined the standard politicians from the African American communities in group press conferences. She signed up with Magic Johnson’s endorsement and confused his sport as baseball.

    After throwing all her money into attack ads until running out of money, she states that she offer Garcetti to take down the attack ads on both sides and that he said no.

    Her backer Serrano offered his hand to Garcetti after his attack ads against his heritage and exclaimed that it was rejected.

    Serrano’s ad appeared low-budget and in bad taste, like the anti-Garcetti mailers by Greuel’s big-money supporters. She has received some help from Villaraigosa criticizing the low budget ad along with a better negative ad by Garcetti’s campaign (itself a response to the dirty tactics).

    The path of these ads call for a stronger defense than the punching bag strategy. She tried to label her opponent the big bad wolf and so she would have to face her own witches in the candy house. The fault however, lies not in a labor group or an endorser, but a candidate who promised to be all things to all people (not the same candidate that some imperfectly-balanced pieces have accused of this). It is a candidate who borrowed tactics from pundits such as seeking presidential support when the tactic was not considered for her particular set of specifics or priorities. She left herself open for her life-sized but mirrored chess game of endorsers as she ran around far from LA selling her qualities to out-of-towners with their own political baggage. She left herself open, by over-reaching, to counter-endorsements. They could all argue from a strong position that they support Garcetti as the most independent choice of the two.

    As the numbers and polls rolled in it became clearer and clearer that somewhere between her earliest big-money, power-broker knighthoods, and religious benedictions on one end and the mayor’s house at the other end, she got lost. She is dazed, she is confused, and there is no trail of breadcrumbs. There is not even enough dough to start again.

    She lost momentum when she needed it and used her campaign monet just to get a second wind. She went for a North-South strategy with a cart full of big spending endorsers with a lot of their own baggage, and with borrowed tactics layered on top that would turn away the conservative vote she sought, and through this long and windy path carrying all that baggage she lost that vote first. Then she relied on uninspiring tactics to woo Latinos with the endorsement list doubtless handed to her as a tried and tested path to latino politics. She then, most recently, borrowed quotes and used images from Villaraigosa in her ads but in apparent desperation at the end (rather than early and decisively) having already showed her best cards. Greuel never won the Westside or the Eastside, or the city Center or held on to the North, though she has edges of the valley and an important block of voters in african american neighborhoods, and some of the gender gap she sought.

    Yet the campaign, if both teams do their best, is lost for her.


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I believe in compromise and negotiation, reform and stability, values and moderation, liberty and prosperity, and in defending the rights of Mexican immigrants collectively and individually. Others can choose to see me as just another smart Mexican.
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