Any rep vs Obama

It’s really difficult to get interested in the Republican Primaries, they can choose whoever they want, clearly many of us who are suffering in the economies after working for corporations have our own vote in these coming elections.

I’m leaning Obama, let the Republicans figure it out for themselves, but if you keep on pushing people it won’t be easy to bring them back.  Example:  the Latino vote.  The unemployed.  People who have been mistreated by corporations or slandered by certain companies.  How do you bring them back when this same election you continue to push them away?

Disappointed by circumstances.  How I’m treated is how I’ll vote.

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Florida, a media market, a presidential battleground

Florida has had quite the influence on Presidential politics, from the Florida recount, covered by New York Times writers such as Richard Perez-Pena (a Pomona College graduate with a conflict of interest reporting negatively on rival Colleges), to the Republican Presidential Primaries in 2012.

Florida plays a balancing act, often tilting the Republican Presidential Primary field in favor of a more moderate candidate, but at the same time not as predictive of the winner as South Carolina.

Still, the value of the media in Florida cannot be understated.

How many television spots could have run during the primary and have counted in time?

How many television spots could have run and influenced the race, but didn’t?

Some may have had an idea but didn’t want to toss it around because they’re not as involved or as interested lately, but now that the race is down to election day, the Florida-targeting ad could’ve been interesting.  No more time, no more money, for these ads.

So for an ad that could have been but never was, there is some potential.  Say for example the number of times that Gingrich referred to Mexico and his Mexican roots being repeated on video in Florida back to back, followed by Gingrich and his references to Cuba and Florida locations, and contrasted with when Mitt made his point about wishing he could claim a Mexican or Hispanic background for the Florida market… ending with the statement that Romney doesn’t know Florida or the Cuban community in Florida.  That’s just one add that never was.  It’s not very relevant outside of Florida but has not practical application now.

Afterall, Romney is changing tactics and being more moderate about corporations to the point where he said that Gingrich in Freddie Mac should have been a whistle-blower, which is something I or anyone else would probably never do, but shows some guts by Romney.  Have to give him credit, even if FreedieMac is a quasi-governmental entity.

The rest of the race should prove interesting either way.

Lots of people will be watching.  However, who will have the best add ideas, and who will run them?  It should be interesting, because after the Primaries, a whole new set of ads will come out with a different twist.  Every media market is different.

The internet, for example, is a bit of a free-for-all targeting the youth, still, at least in free countries, in comparison to unfree countries.  May it stay that way, as self-censorship can sometimes work better to let a little steam out of the system, and keep people working towards the same goal, progress and prosperity.

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Romney uses weapons of the left to attack Newt

Romney, boardroom brat son of a CEO who did more for the American car industry than Romney ever did, has picked up the weapons of the left. Freddie Mac, a quasi-governmental agency became to Romney a workplace to demonize because of the credit crisis. Romney can be a Bain CEO but Newt can’t be a consultant?

This is ironic considering that he accused Newt Gingrich of using weapons of the left, while in the same debate he used weapons of the left.   He has surely been well-groomed as to how to use his weapons and which ones he can get away with, including a little dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Romney is using his money and influence to buy the Republican presidential primary, and in fact it seems that many Republican party leaders have already been influenced (talk about influence peddling) to tilt the primary in his favor.

The race for the Republican Presidential Primary would be over if the vote did not rely on a lot of people who may get tired of Romney’s ad-campaigns by the next debate.  He’s already pushed for his crows to swamp the debates for CNN to not be out-cheered by Newt’s crows.  Perhaps he can indeed organize himself into a better appearance and better poll numbers.  Perhaps he can buy influence and buy pricey strategists and campaigners.  But will he win?

Hopefully not, as it is not his father running.  Now his father seems to have done more by turning around an auto company as CEO than the boardroom-brat son ever did by leeching the Ampad plant into bankruptcy.

And he wants to be President?

No thanks, you took our jobs.

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Oromney-care, Oromneycare, ORomney-care, or Oromneycare?

Cato has an excellent review on the similarities in reduction of personal liberties between the Obama-care plan and the Oromney-care plan.

If you’re a Democrat, Obama-care is fine.

If you’re a Republican, Romney-care is not fine.

It’s a matter of wanting more government programs with the taxes to pay for them, or more personal liberties and lower taxes.  Either way, it doesn’t look good for Romney right now.




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Romney is in touch with Massachussetts

that is all.

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Romney -> Bain Capital -> No thanks

I don’t like financial corporations very much right now.  They’re useful in theory, but when they screw you over, what are you gonna do?

Pass on Romney.  It’s another Bush Jr. waiting to happen.  Nationalized healthcare from the right and “let them have tax cuts.”  No thanks.  We want jobs.  You financial corps took away the want ads and in its place have tax payer hand-out hats out.


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NumbersUSA is a sham, Romney must be hurting from South Carolina

How’s South Carolina going Romney?

Based on the last debate, must not be going so well.
I, for one, am glad, considering that you accept the endorsement of radical anti-immigrant factions and you borrow language from dubious sources like NumbersUSA.

When Gingrich is done stomping on you, many people displeased with their current economic situations and displeased with coorporate elites from abroad and at home who’ve made their lives worse and their job prospects worse, elites from DC, and elites from New York that left them jobless and struggling will celebrate. It’s not that you can’t win, seeing as how you passed government-run healthcare in Massachusetts successfully but turned government-dominated Massachusetts into a state with low population growth because many people leave (like an island of socialism in the US). It’s that you can’t win as President, not even a Primary. Not even a straw poll. Not even South Carolina. Reminder needed so soon after McCain 2008? Gingrich for Republicans 2012, or if you get lucky, the disgruntled electorate will just have to wait until the general election for Obama 2012.

The Hispanic vote may yet speak in Florida through the Cubans. Then the Republicans may realize they ought not to lead with their coorporate foot in this election. If you do, good luck with that, but angry voters, defensive Latinos, anti-Oromnicare, and pro-growth capitalists are not few and far between.    For years our jobs have been at the mercy of the wrong individuals in corporations and in government, not in the hands of the poor or in the hands of immigrants, or in the hands of poor immigrants.

I think there is one theme in the 2008 election of Obama and in the 2012 rejection of Romney:  we want to work again, and a place to live would be nice too.  A corporate executive is probably not gonna win this year.  On the other hand even a former Speaker of the house needs a consulting job sometimes.

I can’t speak for the speaker, but I know that We the People are not voting for Mitt. Jobs are the reason why.

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